Event Scheduling

Friday, October 11 --- 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST
Saturday, October 26 --- 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST

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Legion of 8iots64

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Server War is a full-server PvP event intended to allow players to engage in consentual PvP in an environment that does not threaten their bases or materials, but allows them to leverage their technical, architectural, and combative prowess against other competitors.

& 1  Joining
You may join the event on a team or play solo (the former is recommended). Simply head into the Server War world, accessible via a cannon-shaped portal to the North side of spawn. Set up a base that follows the specifications listed in Rule &2. You will also need to provide me with the name of your team, a list of members, and a copy of the team flag, for placing at server war spawn, and updating this page.

& 2  Team Sizes
Team Sizes are capped at a maximum of 8 (this will drop next round), but the maximum number of active participants is capped at 5. This limitation increases by 4 every time your team merges with another team during a round.

& 3  The Base
Each team's base can be designed however they like, but must follow a few simple rules designed to ensure fair play: (1) Must have a bed with which team players set their respawn points (this bed *may* be placed in a secure room that does not need to obey #2), and a team flag placed somewhere near the bed; both must be accessible to enemy players without breaking blocks, (2) No materials stronger than end stone, (3) Must have at least one path to the bed for enemy players without breaking blocks

& 4  Competition Objectives
Construct a base that defends a bed that your team will use to respawn. Seek out and capture other team's bases by infiltrating them and breaking their beds, thus preventing that team from respawning. Then, secure that base by wiping out the defending players. Win the event by having the highest captures to losses ratio for your team.

& 5  Capture Conditions/Qualifiers
A base is considered captured when: (1) The defender's bed is broken, (2) The defending team is killed after the bed is broken, (3) The defending team flag (located near the bed) is broken and replaced with your own, and (4) You announce the capture in chat and it goes undisputed. It is not required to place a bed down at a base you have just captured... this is optional if some of your team chooses to move their respawn points.

& 6  Anti-Griefing
There is to be no breaking of blocks within any structure that is not your own. Nor are you allowed to remove any materials from a base you do not own or have captured.
If a match is not currently underway you are forbidden from moving within the no-modification zone of an enemy base to observe or scout it.
If you are placing blocks while a match is not in progress, you are required to observe an enforced 25-block no-modification zone starting from another base's outermost visible walls. If a match is in progress, use your best judgement. Judges may impose penalties for violations of this, from a request to move, to point loss or time penalties.

& 7  Scoring
Scores are adjusted at the close of every match, and involve the following allotments:
Team Scores
  • Capturing a Base (Breaking Bed & Flag, Placing Own Flag) : 10 points
  • Damaging a Base : 3, 6, or 9 points, as determined by judges
  • Bonus: Team Undefeated this Round : 2 points
  • Bonus: Team Dominance : 2 points per base team owns
Player Scores
  • Kills : 1 point per kill
  • Breaking or Placing a Flag : 2 points
  • Breaking or Placing a Bed : 1 point
  • Bonus: Team Undefeated this Round : 1 point
  • Bonus: Team Dominance : 1 point per base team owns

& 8  Gear Regulations
You are allowed any gear you want to use, with the following exceptions: (1) enchanted golden apples, (2) elytra.
While not specifically gear, it is NOT permissible to use Dynmap or any other assistants, both in game and elsewise, to locate players on the map.

& 9  Penalties
Penalties are imposed for rule violations in this event. Violations can be procedural (breaks of rules that affect the flow of the game) or extreme (rule breaks intended to sabotage other players or teams).
Procedural rule violations recieve two warnings, (1) 15-minute time penalty, (2) 30-minute time penalty. On the third offense, a single-match suspension is given. After this violation, disqualification may occur depending on the severity of the breach.
Extreme rule violations recieve one warning, a single match suspension. After this violation, disqualification may occur depending on the severity of the breach, as well as additional corrective action if general server rules have been broken.

& 10  Grievances
For the purposes of avoiding procedural arguments over elements in the game, which affects the spirit of play and discourages participation, please direct any grievance directly TO a judge, in private. The judges will then decide if the grievance warrants further discussion, and if so, consult all parties concerned in private. Once a decision is made, the entire matter and resolution will be aired publicly.
This will serve to (1) Cease public arguments spamming event-discussion, (2) eliminate potentially-charged language or debate between competing team members, and (3) eliminate any claims of bias or influence of the judges since the team presenting the grievance has anonymity for a time.

Event Supplies (return to top)

You can get pretty much anything you need for this event at the Black Market run by the Wolf of Wall-Cemetech himself, _iPhoenix_. Between block shops and PvP shops and magic shops, feel free to explore and look around, inquire about bulk purchasing deals, and you will easily acquire anything you need.