Slender PvP

  1. The match is played in an outdoors, bounded, night-locked world.
  2. All players will be set into adventure mode.
  3. Players are split into two (2) groups, the Slenderman, and everyone else:
    • Gear: Black leather armor, white helmet; strength-enhanced.
    • Equipment: Splash potions of nausea and blindness, Potions of night vision, Ender Pearls.
    • Objective: Kill off all the other players.
    • Gear: You start with nothing, no armor or weapons. Food is allowed.
    • Equipment: Torches in hand with dynamic lighting are allowed. Keep in mind, however, that this can reveal your position to the Slenderman and other players. No other equipment allowed.
    • Players can locate chests scattered throughout the world. These chests may contain pages or certain helpful items.
    • Pages may be traded in at the world spawn for undying totems.
    • Players may attack each other if they wish.
    • Players may attack the Slenderman.
  4. The match ends when:
    • The Slenderman kills off all of the other players. The Slenderman and the last surviving non-Slenderman player win.
    • One or more players kill the Slenderman. The surviving players win.