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See the list of projects I have worked on or am currently working on below. Clicking on the thumbnail image in most cases will take you to a project page for more information.

HASHLIB project page

HASHLIB | CE Cryptography Library

HASHLIB was a project that started out as a hashing library and soon evolved into a library providing industry-standard cryptography on the TI-84+ CE.

VAPOR project page

VAPOR | TI-84+ CE Package Manager

Vapor Package Manager, or VPM for short, simplifies installation and update of software on your TI graphing calculator. It works similar to apt, Homebrew, and other *nix-style package managers.

TI-Trek project page

TI-Trek | TI-84+ MMO Space Combat

Project TI-Trek is an effort to create a multiplayer space-combat game for the TI-84+ CE. Still in early alpha, the teaser releases feature networking and encryption of the login session.

BlastFIS project page

BLAST TI File Integrity Software

BLAST FIS aims to bring software tracking and file snapshot features to the TI-84+ CE. The software also has the ability to scan files as well as the operating system for malware based on a community-sourced definitions file.