About the Author

This project was conceptualized and developed primarily by Anthony "acagliano" Cagliano, a developer who has been a long-time hobbyist programmer for TI graphing calculators as well as (more recently) a cybersecurity analyst (view certification). This project was a fun endeavor in cybersecurity, and a development experience I would not trade for anything.


Special thanks to the following individuals who contributed to the development of this project:

I would also like to acknowledge the sourcing of several algorithms, namely SHA-256 (before the rewrite) and AES, from the following public domain repository: B-con crypto.


Contributions to the project are welcome. This can be a formal cryptanalysis of the project, or submission of an algorithm, such as a hash, to be added to the project.

To contribute code or cryptanalysis, contact me on Discord at acagliano#3685.

To donate to the developer of this project, use the following link: