Services I Offer

Web Development

I offer an assortment of web development services to help you get your website or blog up and running. From designing to implementing and programming, I can create you a smooth, visually-appealing website to showcase whatever you want. Alternatively, if you have an existing design you would like implemented, I can do that as well.

Web Development Services
Web Implementation
I'll convert an existing schematic or idea into a clean, semantic website, as well as create a backend for your site if needed.
Web Design & Dev.
I'll design your entire website, from the layout to the scenery to the functionality. Simply provide me with a bit of background information about what you have in mind and I'll build you something to match your needs.

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Web Hosting

Have an existing website, but nowhere to host it? Or are you dissatisfied with your existing hosting service that goes down once a day and twice on Sunday? Well look no further. I have a reliable, self-hosted network on which I can host your website or blog. I can also send you the necessary equipment to host your own site. For more details, click on "Hosting Services".

Hosting Services
Virtual Hosting
1 year of hosting on one of my servers. Includes a 10G soft-limit on storage, up to 3 months of backups (with syncing to a drive service of your choice), an SSL certificate on request, and more.
$124.99 / year
20% off terms of >1 year
I will send you all the equipment needed to run your own website - server hardware, cables, etc. Includes: A Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS, pre-configured with your website. Simply plug it in, and port-forward if needed.
$149.99 for full
self-hosting kit

These sound like something that may be of interest to you? Let's get in touch.

Need Something Else?

Looking for something else, such as video or image editing, or perhaps you would rather speak to me directly about one of the services above. I'm happy to speak with you. Simply head over to the contact page and fill out the form or use any of the other contact options listed.