TI Developer Portfolio

In addition to my career as a web developer, I've also been a TI software developer, and as such I've released a number of tools and utilities for the Texas Instruments graphing calculator, including math and science utilities, games, and even a file integrity software. Simply click on the buttons below to view project details.

The Texas Instruments (or Casio) graphing calculators have long been used by up-and-coming computer scientists as an introduction to the field. The simplicity of the device and ease of programming for them (including the existance of multiple on-calc languages that do not need to be compiled) helps to bridge the elsewise larger gap between curiousity and hobby or career.

Many of us, myself included, continue to develop for these platforms both for our own enjoyment, and to keep the calculator software archives fresh with new material with which to catch the interest of potential newcomers to the computer science field.