End User License Agreement

LICENSOR Project "Expanse" c/o Anthony Cagliano
LICENSEE Any end user of the project
Any Expanse server host
CONTACT[email protected]

This license agreement covers all portions of project Expanse (formerly TI-Trek) and extends to any media, images, software, and branding associated with the name Expanse and TI-Trek for this platform. This project bears no association with any other media with similar names. This license is in effect for as long as this project is publicly available. By downloading and using this project you imply your agreement to these terms.

Copyright Notice

We assert no trademark or copyright on the name, motiffs, themes, or assets of this project and assign all associated media to the public domain. Note that when using the assets of this project you cannot remove them from the public domain or seek legal action against this project or others who may make use of them.

If you believe an asset used by this project may be under existing copyright or license, please contact the developers with the necessary information to confirm this. If a prohibitive license exists for that asset that predates the effective date of this document, we will remove the asset from the project as soon as possible.

Software Licensing

This project and all of its public-facing components are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL3). This is an open-source license that is generally non-prohibitive to sharing and derivative work. If you wish to view the text of this license you can click here. As I'd like to keep this document a sane length, I will not be detailing it here.

Hosted instances of the Expanse server will generate their own configuration files and player account and data files. These files are the property of their respective owner and server host and are excluded from general software licensing. Server owners may draft their end-user license agreement to protect their own users' information from abuse. You are welcome to adapt our own Server Terms of Service to your needs.

Terms of Service

This document constitues a usage agreement between you and project Expanse. We hereby grant all end users the right to access and use our online hosted Expanse play services at no cost providing they abide by our Terms of Service and Usage Guidelines. These stipulate the following:

  1. It is forbidden to connect to our server(s) using an unauthorized modification of the game's client. We will not allow this game to turn into Hypixel Bedwars where in almost every match there's a guy who is walking backwards in the air and hitting you backwards from a mile away. Our users have the right to expect that when they come on our servers to have fun, that the game will be fair.
  2. It is forbidden to use any public-facing textual or graphical components of this server to post sensitive, misleading, or offensive content, spam the chat, or engage in similar abusive behavior.
  3. It is forbidden and illegal to gain unauthorized access to the resources of this server. Attempts to do so, even if unsuccessful, will be logged and handled in accordance with applicable laws.

We reserve the right to terminate your use of this service at our discretion for failure to comply with these Terms of Service.

Limitation of Liability

By using this software you assume all liability for any issues that may arise from its use including but not limited to: data loss or corruption, RAM clears, functional issues, and in rare cases the rendering of the device unusable (an event termed "bricking"). The developers of this project make every effort to find and patch bugs in the software promptly; however as this is not Pokémon, we cannot always catch 'em all. We ask that you, the end user, report any issues you discover to us either on the project Github or Discord.

Hosts of Expanse server instances may impose their own limitation of liability pertaining to their own offering of hosted resources.