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I've been programming for much of my life. It began in high school when a friend showed me a pointless albeit entertaining program running on his graphing calculator and then showed me the code behind it. Rather than running for the hills like anyone who values their sanity would, I became intriqued and started to throw together my own pointless programs. Pointless gave way to slightly less pointless and fascination became a career choice.

The links above will allow you to explore various aspects of my developer career, from projects I have worked on or am currently working on to credentials I possess and other organizations or groups I am a member of. Lastly, you can click on the "Contact" link above to see a number of ways to reach out to me for questions, comments, or even hiring.

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Web Development and assoc. services

I can bring your vision for a website or blog to life with an aesthetically-pleasing design and semantic code.

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Web Hosting and assoc. services

I can help with hosting for your website or blog, or provide you with the necessary hardware to host it yourself.