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My name is Anthony and I have been into tech and programming for much of my life. My first introduction to programming was in high school when a friend showed me a program on a calculator doing some cool but useless things. As I began to experiment and explore the field I unlocked a passion, not only for writing code, but also for trying to help others with my projects.

Today, much of the work I do falls into one of four (sometimes overlapping) spheres--web development, system administration, cybersecurity, and writing software for graphing calculators. To see some websites I have created, calculator projects I have developed, and certifications I possess, simply scroll down.

IBM Cybersecurity AnalystDecember 4, 2021click
Cryptography 1, StanfordJuly 2, 2021click
Gallery of Sites
TInyAuthWebsite providing a frontend and information about a keyfile-based authentication service for the TI-84+ CE graphing
not yet availableTI-TrekWebsite providing release and feature information about a space-combat MMO for the TI-84+ CE graphing
BlastFISWebsite providing release and feature information about a file integrity and malware detection utility for the TI-84+ CE graphing
TI Calculator Software

Developing software for this platform will always have a special place in my heart given that I probably would never have found my love for this field had it not been for the calculators and the amazing people in the calculator development community to plant my feet on the path to where I am now.

I am aware there are better and more powerful platforms to develop for. That's not the point. Part of the allure of developing for this platform is pushing a device not really intended for this type of use to do remarkable things. I'm sure fifteen years ago noone thought cell phones would become what they are today. Additionally, I seek to do for those new to programming what was done for me when I was first starting.

Not yet availableTInyAuthA network service for the TI-84+ CE graphing calculator intended to provide secure keyfile-based authentication for that platform. Works similarly to a cross between OAuth and SSH
CryptXA dynamic library for the TI-84+ CE graphing calculator, providing industry-standard cryptography for that platform, including: secure randomness, hashing, encryption, key exchange, encoding, and more. Soon to support TLS/SSL
TI-TrekA network service for the TI-84+ CE graphing calculator intended to be a real-time space-combat MMO/spaceship bridge
BlastFISA file integrity monitoring and malware scanning utility for the TI-84+ CE graphing